The Life of a Competitive Swimmer – vol. 2

Continuing our look at what it’s like to be a high school swimmer, here are a few more videos that feature students from swim teams across the country:

First up, CBS Chicago does a feature on the Evanston High School Girls Swim Team — you’ll hear specifically about how a relay race works, and one student’s daily routine:

In this clip, Becky Dionne from Alvirne High School discusses what got her into swimming and how she pumps herself up for competition:

This video showcases a few boys from Rose Bowl Aquatics, each talking about why they love swimming:

The Life of a Competitive Swimmer – vol. 1

To help get a sense of the day-to-day demands of competitive swimming and what life is like as a student athlete, we’ll be using this space in the coming weeks to look at videos, articles, and interviews about being on a swim team.

First up, in the video below, the coaches of the Seaford Barracudas talk about the sport’s recent rise in popularity, the basic training schedule for swimmers at the high school level, and the importance of involved parents in the success of the team.