Quick Question: What are bath salts?

Bath Salts—don’t you like eat cat’s faces and shit?

The term “bath salts” refers to an emerging family of recreational synthetic drugs that typically take the form of white powder, granules, or crystals that resemble true bath salts like Epsom salt. They are often especially dangerous because they frequently contain other, unknown ingredients that can have additional harmful side effects.

Users of bath salts report hallucinatory effects similar to drugs like LSD or MDMA. Paranoia, panic attacks, and violent behavior are also associated with use, and media reports about the drug frequently highlight these tendencies.

One of the news stories Ester is likely referring to in the text above is from a 2012 report out of Miami, sometimes called the Miami Cannibal Attack, in which a man named Rudy Eugene was caught on film attacking a homeless man on the side of the highway. The video of the incident showed Eugene, who had stripped naked, beating the homeless man, removing his pants, and then biting off the upper half of the man’s face, ultimately leaving him blind in both eyes. Police reports of the incident initially suggested bath salts as a potential factor in the attack, and subsequent news stories were quick to spread that theory, but toxicology reports later showed only marijuana in Eugene’s system.